Emmaüs launches Trëmma, a solidarity sales platform

Emmaüs has just launched Trëmma, a second-hand sales platform for individuals. The difference with its competitors is that the money raised will be used to finance solidarity projects chosen by the seller.

To compete with private sales platforms like Vinted and Leboncoin, Emmaüs had the very good idea to launch its own! Called Trëmma, this new platform makes it possible to finance solidarity projects by donating material goods. The second-hand market has indeed exploded in France, and online resale sites have painfully impacted solidarity associations that live on donations from the public, such as the Emmaüs Movement founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949.

“These sites have, despite themselves perhaps, harmed the donations that people have traditionally made to Emmaus for 70 years (…) Unfortunately, the donations we receive are declining in quality year after year as people can easily sell their items instead of giving them away ”, notes the director of the Emmaüs label, Maud Sarda on France Inter. With the launch of Trëmma, Emmaüs hopes to make up for this drop in donations.

Attract young people

With Trëmma, Emmaus' objective is to encourage online donation by individuals, targeting in particular " young, very connected and engaged ". And so as not to disorient the French, the platform is very much inspired by the second-hand sales platforms they are used to using, such as Vinted or Leboncoin. "Each user can create an ad on Trëmma, which will then be taken up by a moderator, employee in insertion, who completes it, puts it on sale on label-emmaus.co», Specifies a statement released Monday.

Fund solidarity projects

The only difference with other platforms: if the object finds a taker, "the proceeds of the sale are donated to the solidarity project that the donor has chosen". "The seller does not touch anything on what he sold, but can request a tax receipt for 60%"Of the sale, Maud Sarda told AFP.

For the moment, four have been selected by Emmaüs: the digital workshops of Emmaus in Toulouse, the ressourcerie du pays d'Issoire, the Emmaüs farm in Baudonne which helps women on release from prison or even Emmaüs Connect & Les Eaux vives which fight against the digital exclusion of the most vulnerable by offering equipment, means of connection and training."So many projects that you can support by donating a chair, a book or a lamp",continues Maud Sarda.

Thanks to its new Trëmma platform, Emmaüs hopes to collect one million euros in online donations over the next three years.

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