Emotion horoscope: These zodiac signs prefer to keep their feelings covered

3 zodiac signs who can’t show their feelings

Happy looks different. But angry too. Some zodiac signs are good at hiding their emotions.

Happy or sad? Happy or annoyed? Some zodiac signs find it difficult to fully admit their emotions – in the video you can see who is often a closed book.

While some people can’t even watch an animal documentary without tears welling up in their eyes, others barely show any emotion on their faces, even during an emotional reunion scene at the airport. They have problems admitting their feelings, talking about them and showing them openly – often out of self-protection from the opinions of others.

Astrology: These zodiac signs prefer to keep their feelings to themselves

No matter whether anger, sadness or joy – these people are particularly common in some zodiac signs. In the video we’ll tell you whether you belong and what’s behind it.


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