Emotional horoscope: This is what the zodiac signs need to feel loved

What you need according to your zodiac sign to feel loved

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Different people can interpret the world differently and what is a token of love for one person may be a meaningless gesture for another. Here you can find out how the twelve zodiac signs communicate love and how they feel loved.

Love can be shown and communicated in different ways. We can say “I love you” or we can hug a person and express our feelings in the way we hold them. We can give the person we love a very special gift or take time to experience unforgettable moments with them. And we can be there for this person without being asked, give them support and support them, because we want little more than for them to be well.

Words, touch, gifts, time and actions are the five love languages ​​described by the American psychologist Gary Chapman and are still considered the most common today – although there are certainly others. According to the psychologist, some people feel more loved when someone tells them, while others feel the feeling more when someone gives them time and attention or physically touches them. And depending on how a person experiences love, they in turn express it.

Most people can understand and learn several love languages, but in theory almost every person has one or two primary forms of love communication that they are most comfortable with and are closest to. Which one it is can be ingrained and learned or completely randomly distributed – or with ours Zodiac signs are related, as some astrologers believe. But no matter what the deciding factor is: the zodiac signs typically master the following love language particularly well.

What the zodiac signs need to feel loved


For many people, words play an important role as an expression of love. It’s not just the sentence “I love you” that’s important, but it’s the expression and choice of words in general that convey a feeling of love and respect, the mindfulness we put into the language we use with a person. Especially the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as well as the air signs Gemini and Libra and the water sign Cancer are particularly receptive to love packaged in words. They want loving words from people close to them and, in turn, put a lot of meaning into what they say.


Gifts can say a lot about the relationship that connects us with a person – especially the zodiac sign Taurus, Aquarius and Libra very conscious. They typically have a talent for giving people something meaningful and making them happy and, conversely, can appreciate and classify well-chosen gifts. However, people with these zodiac signs can be hit hard and hurt if a gift expresses little interest and lack of love.


For most people, love is expressed in some way in the behavior they display toward the person they love and in their actions. However, not all people are equally able to recognize this. And not everyone cares about proof of love in the form of actions. The zodiac signs Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio On the other hand, they place great value on the fact that love manifests itself in actions. They want support from people close to them that they don’t have to ask for, and decisions that make them feel valued. And if you love a person, you can rely on them to get exactly that.


Shared moments in which full attention is devoted to being together, to the here and now. Such an expression of love and connection is particularly important for the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Libra, Cancer and Pisces a very high priority. To these four types of people, their lives, experiences and memories mean a lot, and they don’t decide lightly about who they share them with. However, they are correspondingly hurt when they spend a moment with a person who allows themselves to be distracted and cannot appreciate the moment.


Touch is one of the most direct expressions of feelings. They reveal a lot about an individual’s personality and the relationship between the people in contact with each other. Almost all people sense whether a touch is motivated by lust, greed or love, but only for some touch plays a prominent role as a love language. As a rule, it is particularly the zodiac signs Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Scorpio, for whom loving touching means a lot. On the one hand, these types of people are very sensual and, on the other hand, they can be sensitive and vulnerable if someone physically approaches them or treats them roughly.

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