Emotional intelligence: that's how you recognize it

Admittedly, feelings can be a nuisance, especially painful ones like grief, anger, jealousy or unrequited love! In addition, they often seem to distract us and get in the way of our thoughts – or can you concentrate well on your job when you are in love? So it’s no wonder, that people who are guided by their emotions are considered weak and childish in our society and head people as strong and successful … but only seen that way!

The truth is that our wealth of emotions and the complexity of our emotional world make us human in the first place. Without our emotions, we would be empty, uniform envelopes, who, like robots, would work through the to-do list of their lives – a to-do list that they would not even have written themselves, but that would have arisen in the context of their social and biographical niche. Terrible idea!

Therefore, a good and clever handling of emotions (contrary to the obviously stubborn view) does not consist in suppressing them as disciplined and successfully as possible. No! Emotional intelligence means understanding feelings, being authentic and go your own personal life path with the help of his emotions.

And people who do that You can typically recognize these by, among other things, these six properties.

6 characteristics of emotionally intelligent people

1. You allow all feelings equally.

Emotionally intelligent people know that nothing is permanent in life, neither happiness nor suffering. They use happy phases to strengthen their strength, (self) confidence and courage – and can then hold out better in unfortunate phases. They also know that worry, fear and pain do not mean that they are on the wrong path, but that indifference and apathy are the real warning signs.

2. You know the difference between feelings and reality.

Emotionally intelligent people is aware that their feelings are their personal reactions to their perception and depend on their experiences, moods and ratings. Therefore, they are never completely powerless or helpless, because they do not seek guilt or cause of their emotions in others or outside, but in themselves – and there they ultimately have sole authority.

3. You are empathetic and genuinely interested in others.

Emotionally intelligent people see and respect others as equally feeling, searching and independent beings like yourself. They know that compassion, respect and empathy strengthen a community and that we can help and inspire each other if we are open to each other.

4. You don't let others guide you.

Emotionally intelligent people notice that we do not form many of our ideas ourselves, but automatically accept through our life in a large society (For example, beauty ideals, goals in life such as prosperity, professional success or two children, one girl and one boy …). Therefore, they take the time to critically question their thoughts and principles and free themselves from ideas and ideas that they recognize as alien.

5. You can assess others well.

Having emotionally intelligent people a good sense of who they are opening up to and who are more likely to keep their distance. They say "No" to relationships that only deprive them of strength, while they act compassionately, generously, generously and faithfully in equal partnerships and friendships.

6. You put yourself first.

Emotionally intelligent people always stand up for their own needs, rights and interests. They know that nobody else is responsible for them, because nobody else knows them and can take care of them as well as they can. Furthermore, they are fully aware that they are a burden to others and would therefore not be doing a favor if they were would not take care of themselves.

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