Emotional protest – Carinthian farmers want a completely wolf-free zone

While experts in the Hohe Tauern National Park Center discussed possible solutions on Friday, farmers protested outside against the protective measures for Isegrim.

“A co-existence with the wolf can and will never exist!” is the unmistakable announcement of Hadmar Rud, who organized the demonstration in Mallnitz. Every wolf roaming the Carinthian pastures is one too many. Numerous Carinthian farmers would have had to drive their animals back down into the valley because of the threat posed by wolves. “There is compensation for dead sheep, but there is no compensation for missing animals.” I know pictures of wolves jumping over fences two meters high. Livestock protection is the beginning of the end. This would mean that 80 percent of our alpine pastures would no longer be usable.” Some of the farmers who came to the demonstration are affected themselves, while others fear for their animals. Farmers from Salzburg and Tyrol also made the journey to Mallnitz to draw attention to their situation.Wolf-free zone demanded“We want a wolf-free zone based on the model in Finland and Sweden. It’s possible there, but here politicians fight it because it’s not legally possible. Do we have a different EU?” asks Reinhard Astner from the Weidezone Tirol association. The rally passed without incident. The reason for this was a conference of the Hohe Tauern National Park on the subject of “The wolf in Carinthia – conflicts and solutions”.
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