Employees on the hit list: Boris Johnson wants to save his own skin

Employees on the hit list
Boris Johnson wants to save his own skin

The “Partygate” affair put Johnson in distress. Demands for the resignation of the British Prime Minister, who has fallen into disrepute, are growing louder. In order to stay in office, he plans to cut his closest employees and make rosy promises to the population.

According to a media report, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is fighting for his post, wants to save his political future with a sweeping attack among his closest associates. As the “Sunday Times” reports, the Conservative Prime Minister plans to clean up Downing Street and make a series of “populist announcements” in order to be able to stay in office after the revelations in the “Partygate” affair. His plans should also include lifting the remaining corona restrictions on January 26th.

According to the report, Johnson refuses to take responsibility for the government crisis himself. At meetings in the past few days, he is said to have accused his team of not having protected him. Johnson’s bureau chief Martin Reynolds, who invited staff to a garden party with an email appeal to “bring your own alcohol” despite lockdown rules, his deputy Stuart Glassborow and chief of staff Dan Rosenfield are said to be the most likely candidates to leave Downing Street have to.

The prime minister has been under immense pressure for a long time, mainly because of celebrations in his seat of government during lockdown times. He apologized in Parliament on Wednesday for a garden party at his official residence. But further revelations followed, including celebrations on the eve of Queen consort Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. At that time, strict corona rules applied in Great Britain, which meant that Queen Elizabeth II had to sit alone in the chapel of her Windsor residence as her husband was buried. The opposition and some of his own party colleagues have called on Johnson to resign.

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