End of life: intellectuals and religious invited to the Élysée this evening by Emmanuel Macron

Jacques Serais

After retirement, this is another file that Emmanuel Macron intends to look into: the question of the end of life. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the National Advisory Ethics Committee, the body whose mission is to give opinions on ethical problems and social issues, the Head of State will deliver a speech this Thursday at the end of ‘afternoon.

Emmanuel Macron will dine in the evening with a dozen personalities, lawyers, philosophers and representatives of the main religions in France. All are invited to share their opinions with Emmanuel Macron on the question of the end of life. While the Citizens’ Convention on the end of life is due to report the conclusions of its work on April 2, although some of the participants have recently felt they have been manipulated, the tenant of the Elysée remains extremely cautious and does not reveal his intentions.

A president who wants to listen to the medical world

Emmanuel Macron wants to show that he consults, that he listens to the medical world as representatives of cults. Because the Citizens’ Convention, which he himself had called for, is preparing to make pro-euthanasia conclusions. During an initial deliberation, nearly three quarters of the 184 citizens drawn by lot said they were in favor of changing the law to allow assisted suicide.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran has already indicated that there will “probably” be a law following this consultation and that the Head of State will very soon lay “the foundations of a timetable “. It remains to be seen which one. And for what law. Because so far, Emmanuel Macron has continued to alternate hot and cold. Last year, the candidate president said he was in favor of France moving towards the Belgian model, in other words the decriminalization of euthanasia. Six months later, he finally assured not to have a model in mind. This Thursday evening’s dinner could well bring new answers to the tenant of the Élysée.

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