End of medical certificates, a risk of inequalities?

From now on, the medical certificates for the practice of a sport are abolished and replaced by a simple questionnaire filled out by the parents.

Normally, to practice a sport in a club or as an option at school, it was necessary to present the traditional medical certificate. But that time is over since Saturday May 8, thanks to the decree released by the government.

Here is a good way to play sports while taking care of your children!

Simplify access to sports activities

To register your child for dance, football or even judo, you will need to complete a questionnaire. Relief for parents which aims to simplify access to sports for young people, “Revealed to be essential by the health crisis”, according to the Ministry of Sports. “Previously, there were too many medical certificates: one for the sports association, one for the school, one for the Sunday sports activity… There were even medical certificates for knitting workshops or even, to go. at the library, it didn’t make sense ”, indicates Gilles Lazimi, general practitioner in Romainville.

This questionnaire therefore makes it possible to simplify the life of families, but also to relieve the administrative management of sports clubs and to free up medical time.

An important appointment to monitor

However, for some very physical sports, medical certificates will still be compulsory, such as combat sports, parachuting, mountaineering or even rugby. In addition, a certificate may be requested based on the responses to the questionnaire. “There must also be an examination before completing the questionnaire”, he specifies.

Here is a good way to play sports while taking care of your children!


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