Endless Dungeon: a big postponement for the rogue-lite action and strategy game

Already known for rogue lite Endless Space, Endless Legend And Dungeon of the Endless (And Humankind), Amplitude Studios currently developing Endless Dungeon, an action and strategy game with mechanics rogue lite. The title was supposed to be released next month, but that’s bad news for impatient fans.

The French studio and publisher SEGA have just announced that Endless Dungeon release date pushed back to October 19, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, five months behind schedule. I’Early Accessfor players who pre-ordered the title in digital edition last wishwill begin two days before, on October 17. The Nintendo Switch version is still planned, but again, it will arrive after the others, at an unknown date. If you ever find this postponement too large, it is even possible to have your pre-order refunded on digital platforms.

Amplitude Studios explain that this report is there to better take into account the feedback from the community and offer a quality gamein line with the universe Endless. This includes balancing, meta-progression, tutorial or overall polish. Romain de Waubert, general manager of the studio, adds:

We are grateful and honored to see that players are eager to play Endless Dungeon. The feedback we’ve received from our OpenDev sessions so far has proven to us that we really have something special on our hands and we want to make sure the game reaches its full potential.

Players have always been at the heart of our studio philosophy, and the release of Endless Dungeon in October will give us the extra time to continue working with the community and fine-tuning the game for the best possible experience from day one.

We can’t wait for fans of the universe and new players to experience Endless Dungeon’s unique gameplay, a combination of rogue-lite, tactical action and tower defense.

We will therefore have to take our troubles patiently until October, but Amplitude Studios announces that he intends to propose free additional content for players who pre-ordered the title on PC and first-time purchasers on consoles. If you are interested in the title, you can pre-order Endless Dungeon To €28.49 on Gamesplanet.

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