Endless Ocean Luminous: the license returns for a unique dive into the deep blue

THE leaker Pyoro had teased the players telling us about dolphins upstream of the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase and some saw it as a sign of the return of license Endless Ocean (Forever Blue in Japanese) on Switch with ports of the first two episodes from the Wii, Endless Ocean And Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers of the Deep Sea. On the other hand, no one to our knowledge predicted that the announcement would concern an entirely new third game! The developers ofArika And Nintendo as publisher have thus unveiled Endless Ocean Luminous to conclude the presentationwhich should delight scuba diving enthusiasts.

This third episode will be richer in content than ever, with the possibility of having fun alone or with others via the Nintendo Switch Online. But this time, forget the simple cooperation of two, because they are no less than 30 players who can join the same session together. As for the species to be discovered under the waves of the Veiled Seathis time there will be more than 500. The playing area will also change with each game.

You won’t have to wait long before diving into this aquatic odyssey, because Endless Ocean Luminous will be available on May 2, 2024 exclusively on Switchboth in physical version and on theeShop. You can find visuals on the next page.

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