Endometriosis: This is how Liz Kaeber feels after uterine surgery

This is how Liz Kaeber feels after the uterus operation

Liz Kaeber struggles with the diagnosis of endometriosis.


Since Liz Kaeber was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, the life of the ex-“Bachelor” candidate has been upside down. In the meantime, the reality TV star has had an operation on the uterus. The influencer now openly shared how she feels afterwards with their fans.

Liz Kaeber, 29, has had some turbulent days. In her Instagram story, the young woman tells her community that in addition to a laparoscopy, she also had a uterine reflection. Among other things, endometriosis tissue was removed from her. A physical and psychological challenge that still moves her.

Endometriosis: hoping and worrying after the procedure

Endometriosis is a benign, usually painful growth of tissue in the lining of the uterus. Many affected women are denied a natural pregnancy as a result. Liz has wanted a baby with her husband for a long time. “The thought that I couldn’t give Nick children hurt me so much,” she admits. The surgery has increased the chances of pregnancy. You can see what moves Liz in this difficult phase of life in the RTL video.

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