Energies: Orano signs the Ecowatt charter

Photo credit © Reuters

( — Orano has signed the Ecowatt commitment charter, implemented by RTE (Electricity Transmission Network) and ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency), and thus reinforces its actions in favor of energy sobriety and efficiency.

Orano, whose activities range from the production of uranium to the recycling of nuclear materials, contributes to the supply of low-carbon electricity. As part of its commitment policy, the group has anticipated for 2 years the need to reduce its energy consumption by -10% by the end of 2024. Consumption has already decreased by nearly 3% between 2019 and 2021 , with higher production levels.

Due to the current energy context, Orano is accelerating the implementation of energy sobriety and efficiency actions. The energy saving actions already undertaken will be continued with, in particular, the deployment of energy performance software or the improvement of the efficiency of the motors and ventilation units used in the factories. New actions have been decided, such as stopping or drastically reducing heating in areas with little or no occupation, setting up task forces on our industrial sites to hunt for leaks and waste, adapting production and maintenance and the signature of new load shedding contracts in addition to that of Orano La Hague.

The collective measures will be accompanied by a campaign to raise awareness among 13,500 French employees of energy sobriety in everyday actions (eco-actions), at home and at work.

Remember that Ecowatt is a citizen device that allows French people, businesses and communities to have an “electricity weather report”. Ecowatt qualifies in real time the level of electricity available to supply consumers and provides four-day forecasts. An alert system indicates the days and times when the French are called upon to reduce and stagger their electricity consumption to avoid cuts or reduce their duration.


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