Energy: the government does not rule out increased support for bakers

A baker in Brou, near Chartres, in Eure-et-Loir, on December 1, 2022 (AFP/Archives/JULIEN DE ROSA)

The government does not rule out further supporting craftsmen, such as bakers, to cope with a surge in their electricity bill if the current aid schemes prove insufficient, said Economy Minister Bruno Le on Tuesday. Mayor.

“We will not let down any baker in France, just as we will not let down any SME, any VSE in the face of the increase in electricity prices”, assured Mr. Le Maire during questions to the government at the National Assembly.

Certain professions such as bakers and butchers have sounded the alarm in the face of the explosion in energy prices, believing that they are not sufficiently supported by the public authorities despite the implementation by the executive of support measures such as the help desk for the payment of electricity bills then the “shock absorber” which will be put in place on January 1.

The Union of Independents (SDI) has estimated that 100,000 companies will see their electricity bill increase in 2023 without being eligible for any aid.

Next year, “we are going to set up an electricity buffer for all SMEs – less than 250 employees. They will have an average reduction in their bill of 20%”, explained Bruno Le Maire.

“If we see that for a certain number of professions, and I am thinking in particular of bakers, all of these transversal measures are not sufficient, we are ready, with the Prime Minister, to study additional measures”, a- he continued. “We will favor effective, fair, rapid and targeted measures”.

Stressing that the government had been discussing “for several weeks” with the bakers, the minister indicated that his colleague Olivia Grégoire, in charge of SMEs, Trade and Crafts, would receive them again “to find specific solutions”.

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