Engaged to the same man, twins want to get pregnant at the same time

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Twins do not want to separate and have fallen in love with the same man. They therefore live in herds and want to have a child at the same time.

If it happens that some twins fall in love with twins, for Anna and Lucy, it’s totally different! The twins, very fusional, have in fact fallen in love with the same man, Ben, who also loves them both. They have been living together for 9 years now in a house in Australia. Aged 36, they do not want to miss out on motherhood and each want to have a child with Ben. And to top it off, they want to get pregnant at the same time, which doesn’t make it easy.

Young women tell their daily life with the man of their lives, and for them, nothing more logical than this relationship… and above all, no question of jealousy! When Ben kisses one of the twins, he kisses the other immediately.. Lucy told the Daily Mail: “We are never jealous. He will never separate us. He loves us as we are.”

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A pregnancy together with the same man

Very accomplices, the twins have started together their steps to succeed in getting pregnant at the same time. They decided to freeze their eggs for in vitro fertilization at the same time! Lucy explains: “We want to experience pregnancy together” and Anna adds: “Who knows what the future holds? But we want to do it together. It will be a challenge, but everything in our life is a challenge. We want to be together all the time.”

And who better for their children than the man who makes them happy every day! According to them, before Ben, no one understood their very personal connection: “In the past, we had our own partners, but they didn’t understand the bond between us. Some men have tried to separate us while Ben accepts us, he treats us the same.” Moreover, the man in their lives is the only one to recognize them while their own mother can’t tell them apart! They got engaged all three in 2021, and are now waiting to be able to start their family…

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