Engie welcomes the bill on the acceleration of renewable energies

(Boursier.com) — The National Assembly and the Senate have just adopted the bill relating to the acceleration of renewable energies. For Engie, the adoption of this text is “an absolute necessity to meet the climate challenge and the challenges of the energy crisis”. It makes it possible to anchor in the law the will to accelerate the development of renewable energies, in the service of the energy transition.

In particular, the text provides for shorter examination and development times in dedicated acceleration zones, as well as significant advances favorable to the development of offshore wind power.

The implementation of the law will now be key to accelerating the effective deployment of renewables in the territories and in the country’s energy mix. About 20 GW of projects are currently delayed in France, at different stages of development, due to a lack of sufficient means to instruct them, or given the connection times. This is the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 15 million people.

“The development of renewable energies is a major lever for meeting the challenges of security of supply and control of energy costs posed by the energy crisis”, explains Engie.

Leader in onshore wind and solar in France, and with 8 GW of renewable capacity installed to date with a target of 10 GW in the country by 2025, Engie has developed 32 solar and onshore wind projects in France in 2022 The group says it is “convinced of the need for a responsible approach”, and relies for its development on a unique method certified by Bureau Veritas, taking into account the appropriation of projects by citizens, elected officials or even the impact on biodiversity.

In this context, all renewable energies – offshore and onshore wind power, photovoltaics, renewable gases including low-carbon hydrogen, heat – will be necessary to compose a balanced mix. Also, in the coming months, Engie will pay particular attention to the development of onshore wind power, large-scale photovoltaic projects and the massive deployment of biogas, which are fundamental for the stability of the energy system.

Beyond these issues, the consistency of the objectives of the future climate energy programming law with this acceleration law will also be fundamental. “Determined to play a driving role in the energy transition, Engie supports the sector’s call for ambitious objectives for the deployment of the various renewable energies, and will be resolutely involved in this debate in the coming months”, indicates the group’s management. .

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