England phenomenon – Barefoot everywhere for a year

The Englishman George Woodwyn wore shoes until a year ago, but only until autumn 2021. At that time he was on a trip with his family near Plymouth and it was there that he became interested in the barefoot movement. And the fascination continues to this day.

“I went back to my hotel and looked up what the benefits of going barefoot are. That’s when I found this wonderful group. From one moment to the next I knew that I would never wear shoes again. First I was like that in a restaurant and it was a very different feeling,” the young man from Cambridge told the local newspaper. When he got home from vacation, he threw away all his 20 pairs of shoes. Since then he has gone barefoot everywhere. Not everyone is enthusiastic about it, they too have to get used to the special circumstances. “Sometimes glass sticks to my feet, but in a few days you can’t see it at all. Sometimes I step on dog poop. When my feet are very dirty, I ask someone for a bucket or find a puddle.” @georgewoodville ♬ original sound – The Barefoot Guy Woodville never imagined that his new hobby would become his main source of income. But that’s exactly what could happen. After countless requests for barefoot photos on social media, he decided to register on the erotic platform OnlyFans. He only made £100 in the first month, but he’s certain it will eventually make him a millionaire. @georgewoodville ♬ original sound – The Barefoot Guy If you don’t like walking around barefoot like George, we recommend the following products:filsko® – Men’s slippers – Ladies’ slippers – Felt slippers – Perfect for cold floors – Thick felt outsole – Feather-light only 85g – 6 colors – 36 to 48 EU22.95€Click here for the slippers.GIESSWEIN Unisex Dannheim Slippers-22%35.20€Click here for the slippers.RockDove Men’s Original Two-tone slippers with memory foam-13%26.21€Click here for the slippers .Women Tights Plush Stockings Perfect Slimming Legs Fake Translucent Warm Fleece Pantyhose -Women’s Warming Thermal Tights,Thermo Thickened Leggings (Black-220g)14.99€Go to Tights.adidas Unisex 6 Pairs Cushion Crew Socks (1 Pack)20, 11€Click here for the socks.DANISH ENDURANCE 3 pairs of Merino hiking socks, padded, anti-blisters, for men, women and children37.26€Click here for the hiking socks.Reebok Men’s Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Gymnastics Shoe-30%70.58€Click here for the shoes.Bezioner ballet shoes Ballet slippers Dance shoes Split leather sole for children and adults12.91€Click here for the ballet shoes.You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, you will receive current offers and discounts in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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