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CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services on the market, offering security, performance, and the ability to access all geo-blocked content. Thanks to a promotion, it is possible to obtain a nice discount of 82% on the price of the two-year subscription, with the bonus of three additional months of use offered.

The use of a VPN is becoming more and more essential to enjoy the benefits of the Internet safely and without restriction. This type of platform helps to protect the privacy of users, hide their real IP address, as well as unblock content that is not available in a geographical region. One of the best VPNs out there right now is CyberGhost, which boasts a very attractive price-performance ratio with its latest offering.


– 82% and three months free

CyberGhost currently offers a two-year plan with three additional months offered, making a total of 27 months, for the sum of 56.94 euros. This amounts to paying 2.11 euros per month over the period, a very attractive price given the services provided.

In addition, you have a 45-day money-back guarantee to try the service. You therefore take no risk in subscribing: if you are not convinced, you can cancel your subscription and demand a full refund, without needing to justify your decision. Customer support is available via chat 24/7.

If you opt for the two-year plan, you also have the possibility of taking advantage of the CyberGhost Security suite for Windows including an antivirus and a utility for managing and monitoring updates for only 1 euro per month, against 4.5 euros Normally.


A subscription to CyberGhost allows you to secure up to seven devices simultaneously. It is even possible to cover all the terminals (home automation, game console, TV box, Smart TV, etc.) in your home by installing the VPN at the router level. An app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android TV, and FireTV. A web browser extension is also available for Firefox and Chrome (and all others using the Chromium engine: Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.).

Netflix’s US catalog, and many more

One of the main interests of CyberGhost is to unblock content that is in principle not accessible from the geographical area where you are. When you are abroad, you can use the VPN to locate yourself in France and normally watch the live broadcasts and replays of French channels (TF1, M6, France TV), as well as services like Molotov or myCanal.

From France, you can access content broadcast abroad, such as sports broadcasts (free-to-air channels from other countries where the main European football competitions are broadcast), but also the catalogs of video-on-demand platforms. You can therefore watch films and series from Netflix US, Disney+ US or Prime Video US, which are much better provided than their French equivalents.

Remember that the media chronology remains very restrictive in France. Films released in theaters cannot join SVOD services for many months, while the latest releases are made available after only a few weeks in other markets. You will therefore no longer have to wait so long before seeing the most recent movie releases land on Netflix and others.


CyberGhost has more than 9,100 servers in 91 different countries, with servers dedicated to certain activities to improve performance: for streaming (with servers specialized in a platform in a country, for example Netflix US or RTL Play Belgium ), for torrenting and for video games.

Changing location using a VPN can also allow you to save money on the purchase of goods and services online, as the currencies or prices offered may vary depending on the region of connection.

Securing your browsing

While our data is increasingly collected and our navigation tracked, CyberGhost makes sure to protect your privacy and your personal information to improve your privacy on the Internet. The platform does not keep any activity logs within its infrastructure, so no one can know what you are doing online. CyberGhost is based in Romania, a privacy-respecting country thanks to its strict privacy laws. This country is not part of a surveillance alliance like the 5, 9 and 14 Eyes.

Inbound and outbound traffic travels through an encrypted tunnel through OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols, as well as the renowned tamper-proof AES 256-bit algorithm, protecting all your data. Advanced security features take your privacy defense one step further. The Kill Switch immediately cuts the connection to the internet if a problem is detected with the VPN, preventing data leaks.


The Split Tunneling option lets the user choose which applications should use the VPN and which should not. For example, except in special cases, video games do not necessarily need a VPN connection. You can also whitelist your banking app so that you don’t trigger a security alert and risk having your account blocked because your bank detected a connection from an unusual location.

When browsing, CyberGhost blocks domain names displaying malicious advertising and hosting abusive trackers and malware. The VPN service also protects your devices and information when connected to a public WiFi hotspot that is vulnerable to hacking.

CyberGhost has undergone an independent audit by Deloitte. They assessed the platform’s server network and management systems and found no tracking, storage or data sharing activities that could reveal the identity of CyberGhost users.


This article is a sponsored post offered by CyberGhost.

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