Enjoy water without pollutants: These are the best filters

Tap water in Germany is generally of good to very good quality. However, there are regional variations. In addition, the water quality also depends on the pipes in your home. Traces of lime, pesticides, or even copper and lead can be found in the water. Such substances should be reduced with a water filter.

ÖKO-TEST and Stiftung Warentest have already examined water filters in the past. No device was really convincing. We also researched in detail, and three favorites clearly stood out. Our winner compared to the competition is the water filter Marella by BRITA. The strengths of the 2.4-liter jug ​​include: It is dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and can be placed in the refrigerator thanks to its compact design. The filter jug Vida from BWT is a real bargain with a price of about 14 euros and also convinces in the overall picture. The glass jug Provence by AQUAPHOR scores with a capacity of around four liters, although the water filter is quite heavy due to the material and the large capacity.

Note: Our recommendations are based on extensive research. The products have not been tested by us in practice.

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