Enogia: wins a call for projects led by ADEME – 2022-10-04 at 18:10

( – Enogia announces that it has won a call for projects led by ADEME and entitled ‘Technological bricks and H2 demonstrators’ as part of the future investment program (France 2030) ‘Demonstrators and Territories of Innovation of Great Ambition’.

Entitled ‘SMAC-FC for Smart & Modular Advanced Compressor for Fuel Cell’, the project in question, for a total amount of 2 ME, benefits from a participation of 1.2 ME from France 2030, of which 0.5 ME for Enogia.

Enogia thus strengthens its presence in the hydrogen fuel cell segment as a research partner with renowned players in the sector.

The project will consist in developing technological bricks for the new generation of air supply compressors for hydrogen fuel cells. The idea is to develop ‘more compact and more efficient’ compressors, says Enogia.

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