Enola comes out of silence after her failed duet with Nolwenn Leroy

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Invited to the program How are Riou broadcast on Radio Monaco, this Monday, November 28, Enola confided in her duet with Nolwenn Leroy in the Star Academy. A performance that has been criticized by Internet users on social networks.

It’s a big disappointment for Enola. The young woman came second in the adventure star Academy after Anisha’s victory. This Saturday, November 26, Enola performed a duet with Nolwenn Leroy on the title Cassé. But viewers noticed that the artist sang a large part of the song, leaving less room for Enola. “I have too much seum for Enola between her microphone where we don’t hear her voice and the omnipresence of Nolwenn Leroy”commented a user on social networks.

This Monday, November 28, Enola was a guest of the show How are Riou broadcast on Radio Monaco. The young woman explained the reasons which led Nolween Leroy to sing in her place. “I think she wanted to come to my rescue more. I think there was a misunderstanding. Maybe she thought I forgot to sing then. Maybe that’s how I made it feel – that I didn’t think it was my turn – because I had the mic down“, she revealed.

The host of the program Maxime Riou, then questioned: “She took over some words when normally it was for you at the teleprompter?“, he said. To which Enola replied: Absolutely, there’s part of the chorus that she sang for me. The basic cutout wasn’t like that and I think she wanted to help me out more.” she assured. It would therefore be a misunderstanding!

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“I am filled”

Despite this small misstep, Enola largely shone on the set of the star Academy. The young woman managed to climb to second place. Unfortunately, she was ultimately beaten by Anisha, who was crowned the winner of the show with 57% of the vote. Questioned by Karima Charny reacted after his defeat, Enola reacted very playfully: “I am satisfied, and very happy with my second placeshe confided.

Thanks to her talent and professionalism, Enola marked this season of Star Academy. Touching and listening to his comrades, she befriended Louis and offered nice benefits during bonuses. A successful career that has earned him the praise of his teachers on many occasions!

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