Enola reveals her amazing project with another candidate

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As the Star Academy finale prepares, the four finalists are already reflecting on their life after the adventure. And Enola already has a little idea in mind, with another candidate.

They start to think about the after-star Academy. On October 15, TF1 relaunched its famous tele-hook after fourteen years of absence to the delight of nostalgic people, but also new fans. A six-week adventure, which will end this Saturday, November 26. Among the finalists, Léa, Enola, Louis and Tiana, who now only have a few hours left to prepare to impress the public, who will determine who will be the big winner of this season. While Yanis Marshall has already chosen his favorite, Léa, she is convinced that this final is already over, and believes that the winner will be either Enola or Anisha. Be that as it may, public favorites or not, the four finalists are already looking to the future and preparing to return to normal life after several weeks at the Château de Dammarie-lès-Lys.

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While Léa says she is already ready to stop the music, Enola did not hide from Tele-Leisure that she had “extremely scared”and is already wondering if she will succeed in managing her new celebrity, while on the project side, she would imagine herself working with Laure Balon on a musical comedy project. “Honestly, why not. […] Afterwards, I don’t want to lock myself in there, I want to release my songs and write. I want to do things that make sense”she said, before revealing his project with… Louis! Very close since the beginning of the adventure, the two academicians would indeed have agreed, half-word for the moment, that they could settle together soon.

Enola and Louis’ project

We’re going to have a roommate. I just tell him to come and live with me. It is rather hot for the idea! thus specified Enola to Tele-Leisureand to specify that with Louis, she has forged a “very sincere true friendship”. “I will call him very regularly”, she added. In the meantime, the four finalists are enjoying their last moments at the castle, in a teasing and complicit atmosphere. To the delight of Enola. “There are only people left with whom we have been friends since the beginning”, she pointed out. From her adventure, if she does not win the final, the young singer will at least have won some very beautiful friendships.

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