Enormous column of smoke – house on fire: 190 firefighters on duty

There was a major alarm on Friday afternoon for the fire brigades in St. Roman near Schärding in Upper Austria. Fire broke out next to a carpentry shop in a residential building that was partially made of wood. And in Regau (district of Vöcklabruck) in the evening, lightning also set fire to the roof structure of a family home.

In St. Roman, the fire brigade was called to a “commercial/industrial fire”, but at the scene of the incident it was found that the house next door was fully engulfed in fire, as can be seen on the fire brigade’s website. A huge column of smoke rose. Almost 190 firefighters from all over the area went to the scene with 23 vehicles. They found enough fire-fighting water because there was a pond right next to the carpentry shop and a pool next to the house. After about two hours, the fire was as good as extinguished. The neighboring timber store was spared the flames, and the wind blowing in the other direction was a welcome helper.Lightning strike triggers fireIn the early evening hours, the Regau fire brigade was then called for help. Around 7 p.m., lightning struck a single-family home and set the roof truss on fire. The force of the impact also damaged the roof and a chimney of the neighboring house, the police reported. 60 firefighters from the surrounding communities quickly extinguished the fire, but individual embers in the false ceilings had to be removed well into the night.
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