Enthusiastic users – the frozen cucumber trick: good for the skin

A facial massage with a frozen cucumber is said to be good for the skin? If the new viral TikTok trend has its way, so be it. Most users are enthusiastic. Including influencers.

The cucumber is full of vitamins that are good for the skin. For example B, C and K vitamins. Icing the face with something cool is a cosmetic method. It gives the skin more color, reduces swelling and tightens the pores. The vitamins also promote cell growth, fight inflammation and give a brighter complexion. @emmafreece Day 1 icing my face with a frozen cucumber because I saw it on tiktok @alexaraeloebel ? #skincare #skincarehack #isitcap #fyp #frozencucumberhack ♬ Lofi – Domknowz The trick is extremely easy. You buy a cucumber, cut off the end and put it in the freezer with it. Then simply massage the face with the frozen cucumber. Don’t forget to cut a slice off the cucumber after each new massage so the end stays fresh and no bacteria can be carried on. Here are a few cucumber products if you’ve enjoyed them: Germisem cucumber TELEGRAPH IMPROVED, ECBIO40244.21€Here let’s go to the cucumber.6x mustard cucumbers from the Spreewald 720ml (Spreewaldhof)17.89€Click here for the mustard cucumbers.Spreewaldrabe – pickled cucumber selection – Spreewald cucumbers – 370 ml glass1.79€Click here for the pickled cucumbers.Kühne pickled cucumber Danish cucumber salad, 670g2, 09€Click here for the cucumber salad.Pickle Lover Heartbeat EKG Pulse Cucumber Vegetable Food T-Shirt20.16€Click here for the T-Shirt.Cucumber Snack Get One – The canned pickle (1 cucumber / 100 g)5.80€Click here to the cucumber.Jean & Len Moisturizing 24-hour face cream aloe vera and cucumber, 50 ml4.45€Click here for the face cream.Le Sirop de Monin CUCUMBER 0.7 l-26%9.21€Click here for the syrup.NIVEA Natural Balance Aloe Vera All Purpose Cream (200ml), Moisturizing, vegan cream with organic aloe vera, universal cream for the face, body and hands€4.04Click here for the all-purpose cream.You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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