entrepreneurs faced with the temptation to abandon

“Personally and psychologically, it’s a weight less. I no longer spend my days in front of my computer, wondering how I’m going to pay my bills. It was a passionate profession, I practiced it for twentyfive years, but for me, now, events are over. “ Martial Berger is one of those breathless entrepreneurs who preferred, after a year of crisis, to put down their pencils and move on.

This music and image enthusiast, who worked as much for private receptions as for events like the Tour de France, now earns his living as a temporary handler. A relief, paradoxically. His company, MB Prod, is dormant. He is preparing to lay off his two employees and the company will be liquidated in June, “If nothing still happens” on the front of concerts, shows and other festivals, he adds, with a vague shade of hope.

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Others have chosen Martial Berger, in a sometimes less painful context. Laetitia Tarabelli, head of Bubbly Event, organized cultural events or temporary exhibitions, often on behalf of companies. Between the closed rooms, the forbidden gatherings and the budgets for “corporate communication” (promotion of the image of a company internally) revised downwards, she quickly understood that she had eaten her white bread. “This winter, I said to myself: I’ve been fighting for eight months, at one point I’m going to exhaust myself physically and mentally. I had to say stop for my well-being. “

State support

Chance making things – sometimes – well, Mme Tarabelli receives, the day of its 50e birthday, a providential phone call: a friend told her about her brother’s start-up project, a new concept of virtual exhibitions to bring together winegrowers, merchants and wine merchants, in the absence of traditional events. There is a place to take to be associated in the project. Tempting… [Mais] it took me a month to decide to join them ”, concedes the fifty-year-old. Finally, she takes the plunge. Now responsible for helping VinoVirtual customers organize their events, she put Bubbly to sleep. “There are four of us in my new company, we form a great team…, she confides. I think I have now mourned my old company. Seeing day to day is at least one thing that the Covid will have taught me. “

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