Environment: does metal belong in the yellow bin or in the recycling yard?

Does metal belong in the yellow bin or in the recycling yard?

Scrap metal does not belong in the yellow bin.

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Over time, a lot of hazardous waste accumulates in your home. Scrap metal is one of them, but is not disposed of in the yellow bin.

As long as you know what to look out for, it is basically not complicated to properly dispose of scrap metal. In this way, every household can take care of getting rid of the waste in the right way. But what should be considered with regard to the disposal routes and why is correct implementation so important?

Why metal recycling is important

Most metal-containing objects contain valuable resources and are therefore an important recycling material. For some metals, the recycling process is extremely complicated and can be optimized by properly disposing of waste. On the other hand, anyone who does not follow the correct disposal routes hinders these processes, risks unnecessary loss of raw materials and harms the environment.

Packaging of metal

Aluminum foil, tin cans and similar packaging are usually coated and contain a certain amount of metal. However, they do not belong to the pure metal waste. Therefore, households should collect the relevant waste in the recycling bin, if this is possible at the respective place of residence. Alternatively, you can dispose of the packaging in the yellow sack.

Electronic devices

Most electronic devices also contain metal. Nevertheless, they should not end up in the recycling bin or in the yellow sack. Experts recommend returning smaller devices to the recycling center. In addition, electronics retailers are also obliged to accept and dispose of the garbage. Larger electronic devices are generally considered to be bulky waste.

thrash metal

Experts understand the term scrap metal to mean a number of different types of waste. These include, for example, tools, screws, keys, pans, pots and car or bicycle parts. Households must dispose of these scrap metals in the recycling bin. If this is not possible at the relevant place of residence, you should collect the waste and hand it in at the recycling center.