EQS twin – Mercedes EQE: Strives for higher things in the most E-elegant style

“One-Bow” -Design – “One-bow-Design” – is what Mercedes calls the aerodynamically optimized style with a short front hood, a passenger compartment pulled far forward, a flowing roof line and a short rear. As with the EQS, it is 27 centimeters longer, which means more headroom despite the identical vehicle height of 1.51 m. But it’s not really tight in the EQE either, you feel very comfortable here thanks to the 3.12 meter wheelbase and the appropriate ambience. Compared to the conventional E-Class, there is a generous 76 millimeters more space for the knees. Only the trunk is relatively small: 430 liters. For comparison: even a VW Golf doesn’t have much less with 380 liters.