Equasens – 2022 revenue +10.88% to €214.07m – 02/03/2023 at 6:00 p.m.

• On a like-for-like basis (including PROKOV EDITIONS in Q4), 2022 sales increased by 8.82% to €210.09 million.

The Group confirms the efficiency of its interoperability strategy between healthcare professionals and establishments with the identified challenge of structuring the healthcare offer, improving the coordination of healthcare players and the exchange of data around the patient.

• The Group consolidates its position as an expert and leader in technological health solutions with the Ségur referencing of 7 software in 4 corridors.

id. by Pharmagest for pharmacies, DOMILINK HAD and DOMILINK SSIAD for professionals working in the patient’s home, HOSPILINK for hospitals and specialized structures, TITAN for nursing homes, MédiStory 4 for private doctors and MSPs, and MEDILINK for MSPs.

Ségur du Numérique en Santé contributed €7.10 million to turnover in 2022.

• Maintaining ambitions for expansion in Europe in 2023, following the example of the strengthening of positions in the United Kingdom (CAREMEDS) and Germany (I-MEDS) and development in other areas of health.

Listed on Euronext Paris™ – Compartment A

ISIN: FR0012882389 – Mnemonic code EQS

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