Eric, “Les 12 coups de midi”: how does he manage to be so often absent from work? He explains: Current Woman The MAG

116 participations, that makes them filming! Eric, new champion of 12 noon shots, led by Jean-Luc Reichmann, recently passed the milestone of 600,000 euros in winnings and gifts. Monday, March 16, 2020, he landed on the set of the flagship program of TF1 with precisely 600,263 euros in earnings. But how does he manage to be away from work for so long? This is a question that many fans of the program ask themselves. As a reminder, the candidate officiates as a building designer. In an interview with Current wife Friday March 13, 2020, Eric agreed to confide in this subject. “I am fortunate to have an understanding and accommodating employer”, said Eric. "I have exhausted all my usual forms of leave and, for the past few days, have been on unpaid leave. Sometimes my colleagues also take care of my current business. We arrange it like this and it goes pretty well.An arrangement which, moreover, benefits, according to Eric, both the employer and the employee. “They are quite happy in terms of spinoffs, it advertises a little, it gives a good image of the company”, did he declare. Eric also discussed his relationships with his other colleagues. “Some follow me assiduously, others in more episodic ways ”, he confides. "From time to time, I receive a message of encouragement from colleagues I know well."

"I spend my days in front of the computer"

In another interview given to Current wife In December 2019, Eric, a graduate of a master's degree in geology, was engaged in his profession of draftsman-designer in building. “It consists of making plans, which are used by masons on construction sites”, he then detailed. "It's an office job, I spend my days in front of the computer. Since listening to the radio is tolerated, I sometimes listen to cultural programs at the same time. It allows me to increase my knowledge, because I'm curious and I really like to learn. ” Eric also told how he came to exercise this profession. "I did a few odd jobs, because I hadn't found anything stable, I worked in factories to boil the pot. I did four years of teaching in SVT [Sciences et vie de la Terre, ed.] As a replacement professor. Then I converted and trained as a Building Design Technician. What interested me in my previous studies was the geology applied to the construction of buildings, what is called geotechnics. So I drifted into the building industry. ” Before becoming champion of 12 noon shots.

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