Eric ("Les 12 coups de midi") received a letter from a minister: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


The Breton flag still flies on The twelve noon strokes, sure TF1. Eric, the reigning champion, continues to splash the program with his culture as extensive as it is sharp. The Finistérien won Sunday, March 29, 2020 a 130th victory and a new master stroke at 30,000 euros. If the mysterious star seems out of reach for the moment, the pot of the one Jean-Luc Reichmann likes to nickname "Fantastérix" now amounts to 681,691 euros. The candidate is still in third place in the ranking of the greatest noon masters. But at this rate, Eric could quickly get closer to Paul, second in the hierarchy. If the current champion has received the support of his daughters present on the last shows, he announced that a former minister had also sent him his sincere congratulations.

Louis Le Pensec, wanted to pay tribute to Eric's journey

"I received a somewhat special congratulatory letter since it came from a former minister who is Louis Le Pensec", said Eric. This Finistérien is a political figure well known to the Bretons since he was in 1981 the first politician to become Minister of the Sea. A position he held under the presidency of François Mitterrand. This faithful socialist then participated in the government of Lionel Jospin as Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Eric explained to Jean-Luc Reichmann than Louis Le Pensec, who was mayor of Bellac, notified him that "his glory had surpassed that which he had acquired during his three seven years"An anecdote that left the presenter speechless.


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