Eric Stehfest: He and his wife Edith have become parents again

Eric standing firm
He and his wife Edith have become parents again

Edith and Eric stand up

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Eric and Edith Stehfest were able to welcome their second child into the world. The couple announced the birth on Instagram. The gender and the unusual name are also already known.

Great joy in the Stehfest home: The actor Eric Stehfest, 31, and his wife Edith, 26, have become parents for the second time. The two now announced this on Instagram.

Eric Stehfest reveals details about the baby

The former GZSZ actor seems to surprise his wife quite a bit by suddenly pointing the camera at her. The offspring is well hidden under a sling in Edith's arm, and she gently strokes his head. You don't see much of their second child in these videos, but Eric reveals a few details: Aria Litera is the name of the little girl who was born on January 11th. "Everything healthy, wonderful. And it was the most blatant, shortest birth. I couldn't have imagined that you could give birth to a person within two hours," says Edith and Eric adds: "Edith is simply a warrior. "

The standing festivities didn't have it easy

Eric and Edith show their daughter on a few pictures. Both look down proudly at their little miracle. Another photo even shows her son Aaron, who was born in April 2016 and seems to be visibly happy about his little sister.

It was anything but easy for the Stehfest family in the past few weeks. Hater accused Eric of not being the father of Edith's second child. "Total nonsense," the people involved know, and yet such comments have left their mark on the couple. With a self-created photo shoot, the standing festivals showed all the critics that their love continues and that they defy all negative comments.

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