Eric Woerth on the union on the left: “Ideologically, there is no coherence”

Melanie Faure

The day after the agreement between La France Insoumise and Europe Ecologie Les Verts in view of the legislative elections, Eric Woerth reacted to this new union of the left. The deputy from Oise, ex-LR who joined the ranks of LaREM this year, pointed to a “betrayal” and an ideological “inconsistency” between the parties of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot at the microphone of Europe 1 this Monday.

For Eric Woerth, the union of the left represents a “betrayal”. Guest of the morning of Europe 1 this Monday, the deputy of Oise and new recruit of La République en Marche! pointed out an “inconsistency”. “I find it hard to follow these party disagreements, these political disagreements,” he said, unequivocally.

“Is it a betrayal of the ideology which is or of the ideas which are those of the Socialist Party as we can know it today?” he wondered. “You can’t be socialist and anti-European. It doesn’t work.”

“Ideologically, there is no coherence”

About this alliance, Eric Woerth declares: “It would like to prefigure, according to the hegemonic left-wing party called Les Insoumis, the idea that Mr. Mélenchon could win the legislative election and have the most important group in the National Assembly. That’s the goal. Ideologically, it has no coherence. Moreover, the Socialists have a hard time getting into it because when they are asked to denounce the treaties that they themselves helped to sign, it gets a little complicated.”

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