Éric Zemmour intimate: his rare confidences about his mother

This Wednesday, January 12, the program “Face à BFM” received Éric Zemmour, candidate of the Reconquest party! in the presidential election. The ex-polemicist has said a little more about his private life, and in particular about his mother.

A few months before the presidential election, Eric Zemmour decided to reveal a little more about his private life. The candidate of the Reconquest party! was the guest of the show Facing BFM, this Wednesday January 12. He indulged in some rare confidences, especially about his mother, Lucette. ”I am a very Proustian product ofan immoderate love between my mother and me, he assured. And to add: “She was the one who sent me the requirement (…) and above all, she gave me crazy love, my father also from France.

Éric Zemmour also specified that his parents, of Jewish origins and who left Algeria in the 1950s to settle in Montreuil in Seine-Saint-Denis, did not have “An immense nostalgia for Algeria”. And to add: “We were very poor. (…) When we came to the metropolis, it was a deliverance. ” Her father, Roger, was able to find work from that point on. The ex-polemicist had already mentioned his mother, to whom he was very close, in the columns of the Swiss newspaper The morning, last November. He then indicated that he had been very marked by his illness. Lucette Zemmour was diabetic, a disease that was not as well treated at the time as it is today: “She was having hypoglycaemic discomfort, it was very hard to see. She was going to the hospital straight away. We were cut off for two or three days, he had explained.

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Eric Zemmour formalizes his relationship with Sarah Knafo

During the show Face à BFM, Éric Zemmour also, and for the first time, formalized his relationship with his advisor, Sarah Knafo, calling it “Collaborator” and of “companion”. And to add: “There would have been no campaign without Sarah knafo. ” But the far-right candidate did not want to say more about this love story. “We’ll stop there, if you don’t mind”, he said. Before explaining that”There is no first lady in the institutions of the Fifth Republic. Therefore people don’t have to knowwhat is happening in his privacy, he concluded.

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