Eric Zemmour offers 10,000 euros per birth in rural areas

Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has offered to pay 10,000 euros for each new birth taking place in a family “from rural France”, during a trip dedicated to rurality, made this Friday, January 28 in Chaumont-sur-Tharonne (Loir-et-Cher).

With this measure, announced from a small Solognot village of around 1,000 inhabitants, the candidate for Reconquest! explained that the goal for families is to “pay for nanny fees, transportation costs, housing arrangements or extra-curricular activities.”

Thus, the former journalist intends to carry out “a real birth rate policy” and “reconquest of the countryside.”

According to those around him, this measure will apply in rural areas according to the definition of INSEE, i.e. for a third of the population. “For the rural world to be reborn, births must first be back. (…) With my measure in favor of the birth rate, there will be more children in your municipalities, so we will no longer close classes! Our campaigns will come back to life”, he launched in front of about a thousand participants.

two billion euros

“This measure has a cost of two billion euros, he estimated. It is ten times less than the cost of social assistance to foreigners, it is twenty times less than the cost of social fraud in France, it is more than thirty times less than the cost of the suburban plans of the last forty years. Before the meeting, the candidate had lunched with a few mayors of Sologne, then visited a farm.

He then went to Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, before entering the stage with Guillaume Peltier, former number 2 of LR and deputy for the second constituency of Loir-et-Cher.

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