Ericsson: Will connect 20,000 bicycles in the United States

( – Ericsson and Lyft, a leading provider of on-demand transportation services in North America, today announced a collaboration to enhance the connected micromobility ecosystem in major hubs across UNITED STATES.

With the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform, Lyft can manage the connectivity of tens of thousands of connected electric bikes and scooters, regardless of their location.

By mid-2023, Lyft will have more than 20,000 connected micromobility vehicles through this collaboration.

“With over 2 million new riders last year alone, it’s important that our micromobility vehicles are always online and ready to go,” said David Foster, executive vice president and head of mass transit, bicycles and scooters, Lyft.

Lyft operates in several of the largest micromobility hubs in the United States, including San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

“E-bikes need to be able to communicate quickly and reliably with the rider app, operator backend system and docking station to provide a seamless experience,” added Kyle Okamoto, general manager of the ‘IoT at Ericsson.

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