Ernst August of Hanover facing justice: Caroline of Monaco’s husband pleads not guilty of violence: Current Woman The MAG

Ernst August of Hanover finds himself in court on Tuesday March 23, 2021. He will have to answer the accusations of violence which weigh on him: it is indeed a assault and battery lawsuit against its staff and police which begins at the regional court of Wels, revealed the German media Zeit. It’s summer 2020 that everything begins for Caroline of Monaco’s husband (because if the couple is separated, they are not officially divorced). At this time, the father and heir is described as “confused“by the police. He had made an emergency call, claiming to be threatened by cleaning ladies and had described himself as sick. Except that, when the police patrol arrived at his home, he would have been very aggressive towards them, brandishing a knife. Visibly drunk according to witnesses, the 67-year-old heir allegedly attempted to punch the officers and even genuinely punched one of them in the face. But it does not stop there: several weeks later, while in a psychiatric hospital, the prince would have threatened the police again by phone. He even went to the police station, armed with a baseball bat, on the night of July 20. A policewoman claims that he threatened her with him “smash the skull “.

Ernst August from Hanover apologizes

Once in court, Ernst August of Hanover admitted his wrongdoing. Authorized to remove his mask, it is with his face uncovered that the father of Ernst Jr, Christian and Alexandra apologized: “I take responsibility, regret what happened and am ready to pay the damage“, declared the accused. Despite everything … he chosen to plead not guilty. Indeed, he recognizes the gravity of his acts, but assures that they took place in a particular context. He was then in difficult recovery after cancer surgery. He was also in great disarray after a conflict with his eldest son, Ernst Jr. “He felt abandoned”, defended one of his lawyers.

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