Erotomania or "I know you love me!" – When love becomes madness

"If he only knew me, he would immediately notice that I am the woman of his life." Unrequited feelings or already love madness? When affection becomes pathological, it is called erotomania.

I was 13 when I met my first big love – the sweet guy from the 10 A. I knew that immediately when I saw him. I have rarely been more happy about the double lesson of math than at the beginning of our "relationship". I was never closer to him than in the break between the two hours of caustic arithmetic. Ten minutes for love! Next date: bus stop. Of course, very secret, talking was not necessary and in life I would not have dared to speak to him. But I was still certain: He loves me, he just doesn't know it yet! But as my mom always said, other mothers also have beautiful sons. And she was right! 10A was later replaced by Robbie Williams, Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio. All potential candidates for the great romance in Hollywood style. But of course one also realizes at some point as a completely confused teen that these feelings remain one-sided and are pure fancies. But there are also cases where exactly that doesn't happen and a delusion arises from imagined love, which is also called erotomania.

What is erotomania?

Erotomania is colloquially referred to as delusion of love and is as mental disorder classified under the diagnostic key ICD-10. The bizarre suffering is shown by one irrational, delusional love to an unreachable person, for example a celebrity, a friend or even a complete stranger.

Single people are particularly affected Women between the ages of 40 and 60. From the point of view of the sick, however, it feels the other way around, so that the secretly loved one is chasing them. The fatal thing: as long as the besieged knows nothing of the problem, he may be ignorantly feeding the frenzy of love and delusions. A casual look becomes proof of love transfigured, dismissive or reserved behavior interpreted as shyness or the most absurd reasons such as an existing partnership or a difficult professional situation. Of the Delusion of love is unshakable and constructed its very own reality.

Erotomania and stalking – these are the symptoms

An erotomaniac is 100% convinced that the love he or she feels for their unattainable object of desire must be mutual, even if the beloved expressly denies love. The delusion of love remains and the loved one becomes central focus in the life of the sufferer. Erotomania therefore usually goes hand in hand with stalking, i.e. re-enacting the loved one. Dozens of phone calls, love letters and gifts, even surprise visits can be threatening and even become threatening. stalking has been punishable since 2007.

Sick for love – that's how erotomania is treated

Erotomania rarely occurs in its purest form, rather it is mostly pre-stage or part of schizophrenia or goes with a manic-depressive disorder hand in hand. By symptoms like Hallucinations or paranoid experience The already difficult treatment of the delusion of love is often even more problematic, especially because Most of those affected do not perceive themselves as sick and therefore refuse therapy. However, if the patient engages in therapy, first Research into causes operate. Are not uncommon emotional gaps the reason for the malfunction to be eliminated. If schizophrenia is diagnosed at the same time, it is treated with neuroleptics.