ESC 2024: But no zero points? Isaak is surprisingly well received online

ESC 2024
But no zero points? Isaak is surprisingly well received online

Isaak will compete for Germany at the ESC 2024. How will he do?

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The ESC 2024 is entering the home straight with a view to the second semi-final on Thursday. How will Isaac fare? His first appearance gives reason for hope.

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest is approaching. Isaak, 29, was also able to prove himself for Germany for the first time in the first semi-final and was surprisingly well received on the net. Does Germany perhaps have a chance of a good position after all?

But no zero points? Isaak is surprisingly well received by the ESC audience online

On Saturday the time has come: The ESC 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden. Already on May 6th, the so-called Big Five, i.e. the five countries or their acts, were allowed to perform their songs. A first! Until now, during the semi-finals there were only small excerpts of the performers who did not have to fight for a place in the final. But now Isaak and Co. had the chance to present themselves to the ESC fans in advance and convince them of themselves. And lo and behold? Contrary to what one might have assumed with prejudice, Germany is not doing badly in terms of popularity with the public. Because although – completely independent of the German act itself – nowadays hardly anyone has expectations of the ESC participant Germany, the verdict on social media is definitely positive.

This is how Isaak performed in the semi-finals

To date, Isaak is very far behind with the bookmakers. Many ESC fans in Germany have long feared that Isaak will not be able to break the German curse at the ESC. But if you look online after the semi-final, a greater spark of hope appears. Even if you don’t dream of winning, it shouldn’t be last place again either, believe the users on x. “Germany won’t get zero points. Isaak is great,” writes a YouTuber who, judging by his profile, lives in Brazil.

In addition to simple comments like “WOW”, another person is also more eloquent and confirms Isaak: “Thanks to Isaak, we are always on the run. To be fair, his performance was incredible.”

And another indication that Isaak definitely has a chance at the ESC 2024 is the posted appearance in the semi-finals on YouTube. The video not only has almost 5,000 likes (as of May 8th, 2:30 p.m.), but also, similar to the X feedback, numerous positive comments. “You may like the song or not, but he is one of the best male singers this year. Germany doesn’t deserve to come last this year,” writes one user. And a viewer from the Netherlands is sure: “Look at him, how he will get the best German result in years. Isaak, we are so proud of you. Your neighbors (from the Netherlands) wish you good luck. “

Whether this is just a snapshot or whether Isaak and Germany can actually look forward to a good performance in the Eurovision Song Contest, you can follow next Saturday from 9 p.m. on Erste, as well as in the ARD media library and on The first begins at 8:15 p.m. with a preliminary report, which will be led by moderator Barbara Schöneberger, 50.

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