Escalation in bars – pepper spray, attacks: wild party night in Ischgl

Two bars in the Tyrolean winter sports resort of Ischgl were the scene of brutal clashes on Wednesday night. In one case, there was violent friction between several guests, in the course of which a suspect pulled out a pepper spray and injured six people. A few hours later, a Turk (30) was attacked by several bullies in another bar and seriously injured.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., several people got into each other’s hair in a well-frequented restaurant in Ischgl. “The argument then shifted towards the passage to the kitchen. A previously unknown perpetrator then used pepper spray there and a physical altercation ensued. The stranger was finally able to escape from the bar,” the police reported. Suspects investigated after escape. At least six people – three Germans, two Austrians and one Turk – were injured by the pepper spray. They were all taken care of by the alerted rescue services. In the course of a manhunt, a German suspect (25) was finally found. It is still unclear whether it is actually the perpetrator and is the subject of further investigations. Several men seriously injured TurksAround 2 a.m. there was another violent argument in another bar. Several strangers attacked a Turk (30) and hit him at the same time. The man suffered serious injuries. When the Turk tried to film the attack with his mobile phone, the perpetrators snatched the smartphone from his hand and fled in cars. The two suspicious vehicles were eventually stopped by the police at a roadblock on the B188. The occupants – six Germans between the ages of 24 and 36 and a 23-year-old Montenegrin – denied a connection and gave no further information. The suspects are reported at large. The injured 30-year-old Turk was taken to Zams Hospital by ambulance. Further surveys are still in progress. “Even whether there is a possible connection between the two incidents is still the subject of investigations,” the police concluded.
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