“Espresso Ristretto” – From wrong way Navis and apparent dead: That was “Espresso” in September – Kassensturz espresso


A monthly review with potential for continuation.

No isolated cases: these «espresso» stories have potential to be continued! The Google Maps navigation app, which guides cars onto impassable country lanes, and the post office, which has repeatedly declared a man dead. Various responses have been received for both contributions from people who say: «I know!» And then there was the issue of donations at the post office counter. The QR-bill seemed to make this impossible – but now there is a pragmatic solution.

QR: It is still possible to make donations at the post office counter

Almost anything is still possible with the new QR-bill. Nearly. Because the handwritten “note” for payments at the post office counter is no longer on the new payment part with QR code. This worried the fundraisers. A solution is now on the table. Swiss Post lends a helping hand to the charitable organizations so that donations made at the counter can continue to be assigned to the intended use in the future. Swiss Solidarity, as a large charity, is relieved. To the post

Post declares husband dead four times

Someone repeatedly changes a man’s status to “dead” in the Post system. The father of the family does not receive any mail for weeks. In August it happened for the fourth time in a year and a half. The post office says it can’t do anything. You can neither see in the system who is making this change, nor can you block the status of the father of the family, the family is told. After the intervention of “Espresso” the matter should now be settled. To the post

Daring turning maneuvers on the hiking trail “thanks” to Google Maps

Drivers get lost on a hiking trail near Herisau, are guided past no-driving signs into the no-parking area – or onto a footpath: “Espresso” investigates navigation errors in Google Maps and tries to correct them. To the post

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