Estefania Heidemanns: This is what Bohlen son Maurice looks like today

Estefania Heidemanns
Son Maurice is a stylish teen – and mom is his biggest fan


Maurice Cassian is pushing it public. The son of Estefania Heidemanns and Dieter Bohlen can look forward to more than 15,000 subscribers on Instagram. The teen receives support especially from his proud mom.

The son of Dieter Bohlen (67) and Estefania Heidemanns (41) grew up – and is particularly stylish on the go. He proves that more and more often on Instagram.

Estefania Heidemanns and Dieter Bohlen: Son Maurice inspires with his look

The cool look and the stylish outfit could be from dad: Maurice Cassian (15) has a knack for a casual appearance. On his most recent post he wears a lilac-colored, patterned shirt and casual chinos. He tied his hair up. That goes down well: the photo received almost 1000 likes. With words like “Wow”, “cool” and “impressive”, the compliments under the post are overturned.

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Mama Estefania Heidemanns makes a sweet declaration of love for her son

Maurice’s biggest fan is likely to be Mama Estefania. She leaves her son with a touching declaration of love. “I love you, my life – the greatest gift of my life,” she comments on the reception of her son.

The dancer was the woman at the side of pop titan Dieter Bohlen for five years before the couple split up and each found a new love happiness elsewhere. The music producer is happy with Carina Walz (37), Estefania has found her dream man in TV producer Markus. The Heidemanns’ happiness is rounded off with two children. Bohlen-Spross Maurice Cassian gets along very well with his half-siblings. His mother and stepfather keep posting sweet snapshots of their blended family on Instagram.

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