Ethan Hawke: This is the first time he's playing a Marvel character


Ethan Hawke
For the first time he plays a Marvel character

Ethan Hawke premieres as a Marvel character.

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Ethan Hawke gets his first role in a Marvel series. So far, however, it is only known that he will play a villain.

Ethan Hawke (50, "Boyhood") is allowed to add a new chapter to his career. The American actor has signed a contract as the villain in the Disney + planned Marvel series "Moon Knight", as the US industry magazine "The Hollywood Reporter" reports.

Few details known so far

Before that it became public that Oscar Isaac (41, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker") will take over the hero role of the "moon knight". So far, however, the makers have not revealed exactly what antagonist role Hawke slips into.

The new series is based on a comic book from the 1980s in which the character Marc Spector becomes the superhero "Moon Knight". The character has often been compared to "Batman" of the DC competition because Spector is a millionaire businessman who spends his wealth on expensive equipment and fights crime as his alter ego.

Does Hawke Bushman play?

One of the great opponents of Spector is Raoul Bushman, who is Spector's employer at the beginning of the comics. Over time, a deep enmity develops between the two. This role would be the most obvious one for Hawke, but confirmation is still pending.

What has been confirmed, however, is who will direct and write the scripts: Mohamed Diab (43, "Clash") is a screenwriter and the directing duo Justin Benson (37, "Synchronic") and Aaron Moorhead (33) are supposed to make sure that Disney + project is a success. Filming is scheduled to begin in Budapest in March.