Ethereum: the Box project unveils domain names linking Web2 and Web3

New domain name on EthereumEthereum Name Service (ENS) is the leading protocol for domain names on Ethereum. However, alternatives are beginning to emerge. This is particularly the case of the Box project which aims to create a new extension in ” .box“.

Box: a competitor for ENS

Nick Johnsonlead developer of the Ethereum Name Service project, has presented his Box project on Twitter on June 7.

Nick Johnson announces his Box project: Source: Twitter.

In practice, the Box project is presented as the blockchain’s first native routable domain name system (DNS).

So like that, it doesn’t seem more impressive than an ENS domain. However, box domains have a completely different ambition.

Indeed, ENS domains allow the use of an .eth address to receive funds. Thus, an Ethereum address can be linked to a domain name that is more easily understood by humans.

For its part, Box is tackling a problem of a different scale. Thus, the project allows link different Web2 services to its Web3 domain name . As with ENS, each domain name will be represented by an NFT.

Therefore, a .box domain can be linked to a wallet, an email or even a website. Thus, your website could have a decentralized domain name.

However, it is important to specify that this project does not come from the ENS Labs or the DAO. This is an independent initiative led by @3dnsinc and @boxdomains, built and integrated with ENS thanks to its permissive nature, as Nick Johnson recalled:

“Just to clarify, since I see some confusion: this is not an ENS Labs or DAO project! It’s an independent project from @3dnsinc and @boxdomains built on and integrated with ENS thanks to its permissionless nature. »

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No censorship resistance

The announcement of this new Internet name system has raised some questionswithin the crypto community, especially regarding the censorship resistance of .box domains.

So this pertinent question comes from Micah Zoltu:

“Will .box on ENS be as censorship-resistant as .eth, where the only power is to decide who is allowed to register, but once someone is registered, the name cannot be removed from it until the registration expires? »

Unfortunately, Nick Johnson clarified that the .box TLD would not be censorship-resistant and would work similarly to a conventional domain name.

“No, ICANN requires them to have a PUA and adhere to UDRP, so there will always be a way to capture names. »

For their part, the ENS continue to attract crowds. Indeed, 2022 was arich year for the project, being at the origin of 80% of the domain names created.

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