Euro hand: Les Bleues, received six out of six, will challenge Norway in the semi-finals

A remake of the Euro 2020 and World Cup 2021 finals awaits the French Olympic champions against their double executioners. Les Bleues will have to face the Norwegians on Friday. In the other semi-final, Denmark and Montenegro will battle it out for second place in the final.

In the meantime, already qualified and assured of first place in their group, Les Bleues extended their invincibility in this European Championship by largely dominating Spain (36-23) in Skopje.

Received six out of six

A meeting against a Roja already eliminated, without the slightest stake. If not to prove the heights where the Blues hover, who have flown over their six matches of the tournament, during which they have still not been carried out. The interest was rather on the Scandinavian face to face almost a thousand kilometers away, in Ljubljana.

Throughout the day, the names of their possible opponent were crossed out as the results of the last day, until only Norway and Denmark remained, the shock of this final day of the tour. major.

A big fear

Two teams already qualified at kick-off but having every reason to want to avoid the French Olympic champions in light of their umpteenth demonstration on Wednesday. Proof of this is the number of rough duels at the end of the match which could leave traces, especially compared to the French walk.

In the Scandinavian cages, the duel at a distance turned to the disadvantage of Sandra Toft against the stainless Katrine Lunde (42 years old).

Before flying to Ljubljana on Thursday morning, the Blues saved themselves. As he had announced, Olivier Krumbholz did not hesitate to preserve his three most sought-after players since the start of the tournament: pivot Pauletta Foppa, goalkeeper Cléopâtre Darleux and rear Laura Flippes, as well as winger Alicia Toublanc.

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