Euromillions: 28 French people became millionaires on Friday thanks to an exceptional draw

In addition to the usual jackpot, the Euromillions guaranteed Friday to 100 participants to win 1 million euros each by drawing lots. Among them, 28 French

The Euromillions made many people happy on Friday evening in France. For the first time, in addition to the jackpot of 17 million euros, the Française des jeux had announced that a draw would allow 100 players to win 1 million euros each, regardless of the numbers checked.

And if no one won the jackpot which required ticking 5 correct numbers + 2 “stars”, 100 winners were designated at the end of the draw. Among them, 28 French and 8 Belgians, now millionaires.

This is the first time that the FDJ has set up such an operation, which differs from the usual game. The announcement of the draw led to a significant increase in the number of cards played: 47.5 million, more than for the mega jackpots put into play in September and then last December. This still represented a one in 475,000 chance of winning, compared to a one in 139,838,160 chance of matching the correct numbers.

Winners now have 60 days to claim their prize. Since the game was launched in 2004, France has had 116 jackpot winners, with the latest winner taking home 67.4 million euros on January 18.

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