Europa-Park: “Jungle raft trip” is being rebuilt after loud accusations of racism

The controversial “jungle raft trip” of Europa-Park in Rust, Baden, will be rebuilt again in the new year. This was preceded by the criticism of role models from the colonial era. Europa-Park has been resisting the accusations of racism resolutely since last year.

After several years of preparation, Europa-Park will completely redesign the criticized attraction “Jungle Raft Ride”. A spokeswoman for the park in Rust announced that the newly designed raft trip in the leisure facility should be completely ready at the beginning of the season in the coming year. Several media had previously reported on the plans.

The redesign of the jungle ride in Germany’s largest amusement park was decided several years ago, said the spokeswoman. “The plans were delayed by Corona.”

Europa-Park: Criticism of role models from the colonial era

According to earlier media reports, the decade-old attraction had been criticized as role models from the colonial era were also used there. Among other things, it was about the representation of black people. the Europe Park had rejected allegations of racism and discrimination in this context last year.

The attraction should in future be assigned to the subject area “Austria”, which includes the Tyrolean wild water course, the spokeswoman said. “This weekend you have the last chance to set sail with the jungle raft trip!”, It was said on the Facebook page of the park.

Two other attractions will be permanently closed

Two further stations, the “Flight of Icarus” and the “Traumzeit Dome”, will also be closed permanently. During the Icarus flight, according to the park, you can so far take a balloon ride, the “Traumzeit Dome” is a cinema. Instead, a big attraction is being prepared for the coming year.

Details on this could not be communicated at the moment. As the spokeswoman said, attractions are constantly being renewed or newly created in the Baden leisure area. In December the park announced that it wanted to build an elevated railway to bring guests to the nearby Rulantica water world.

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