Europacorp: The theatrical release of the film Dogman in France is approaching, Europacorp is making progress on the stock market

(BFM Bourse) – The title of the film production and distribution company is growing in strong volumes on the Paris Stock Exchange, two days before the release of Dogman in French cinemas.

Europacorp is in the spotlight. The title of the film production and distribution company jumped 15% to 0.79 euros, with nearly 210,000 titles traded since the opening, i.e. volumes five times higher than the session on Friday, September 22, for example. .

The speculative appeal is going strong less than two days before the official release of the film Dogman, written and directed by “The Fifth Element” director Luc Besson. Its filming began in April 2022. The film tells the story of a young man, bruised by life, who finds salvation thanks to the love of his dogs.

This “marks Luc Besson’s return to dark cinema, in the tradition of Subway, Nikita or Léon”, notes BFMTV present at the film’s premiere at the Lido last week. “Dogman” had already been presented in Orne as well as in Bordeaux and a little earlier, at the Venice Film Festival as well as at the Deauville American Film Festival on September 2.

A return after the bitter failure “Anna”

With “Dogman”, Luc Besson marks his return four years after the bitter failure of the film “Anna”, filmed in 2017 but released in theaters two long years later. This industrial accident precipitated the fall of EuropaCorp, already in great financial difficulty after also the failure in 2017 of its big-budget film “Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets”.

Since March 2020, the company Vine has taken control of EuropaCorp. And as part of this rescue, a new company “Luc Besson Productions” was created to allow Luc Besson to continue to make films on behalf of EuropaCorp. The director of Le Grand Bleu works there as artistic director with a five-year contract renewable for two years.

Mixed reviews

In its 2022/2023 annual report, EuropaCorp praises the positive reactions after the screening of Dogman. “The screening of Dogman intended for international distributors during the last Berlin Film Festival in February 2023 obtained unanimous and enthusiastic reactions,” explains EuropaCorp in its document.

But from the Anglo-Saxon press, the first opinions on Dogman are so far mixed, as noted by the French media Ecran Large. The latter thus made a compilation of the opinions of the Anglo-Saxon press on Luc Besson’s latest film. And the first reviews are rather scathing.

“Even those who didn’t like Joker will be able to admit that he didn’t treat his audience as if they were so brain dead that they left with 30 more stupidity IQ points than before they arrived. “, notes Ecran Large quoting the Hollywood magazine Variety

On the other hand, the performance of Caleb Landry Jones – the main actor playing Doug – was unanimously praised by journalists and many of them praised the actor’s performance, reports the specialized site Cine Série.

French spectators will only have to wait two days to discover Luc Besson’s feature film in theaters. And thus share or not their opinion with the press on the work of the director of the Big Blue… Dogman will be released in France on September 27, before a worldwide release in the last quarter of 2023 according to the schedule communicated in the latest EuropaCorp annual report .

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