Europe 1 launches a collective conventional break

A few days ago, the unions of Europe 1 questioned Arnaud Lagardère about the projects he was harboring for them. Monday, April 12, in the afternoon, they got part of the answer they expected: a voluntary departure plan is now open. From a union source, around 40 jobs are targeted, mainly in editorial management and technology management, out of a total workforce of around 330 people (including 120 journalists).

“The work started two years ago on the Europe 1 grid has made it possible to stabilize the audiences, but the annual deficit of the radio, accentuated by the health crisis, requires a reflection on the organization”, justified the direction of the radio in a press release. In an email sent to her teams, Constance Benqué, president of Lagardère’s “News” division and patron of Europe 1, added: “This resulted in a drop in turnover from Europe 1 and [par] constant losses since 2016, with a growing deficit phenomenon which has accelerated further with the health crisis. “

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The turnover of Europe 1, very affected by the drop in advertising resources (admittedly common to the entire market), would thus have halved between 2015 and 2020, according to the statements of an employee, for whom these advertisements do not. are only half a surprise. “We know the very bad business of the company”, he continues. On the other hand, the consolidation of audiences advanced by Benqué remains to be proven. In mid-January, Europe 1 posted a cumulative audience of 5% for the months of November and December 2020, a drop of one point compared to the previous year and a new historic low for this period of the year. Worse, the market share fell to 3.9%, against 4.5% a year earlier. Announced as “stabilized” by the rumor of the market, the hearings of the first quarter of 2021 will not be known until Thursday, April 15 in the morning.

” Accompanying measures “

This collective conventional break will be “Accompanied by accompanying measures, whether financial or whether they promote and allow the realization of professional projects”, specifies Constance Benqué. A social and economic committee organized during the week should be an opportunity to provide details on this plan, possibly heralding the sale of Europe 1. A possible transfer of the station to the Vivendi group, by Vincent Bolloré, could encourage volunteers initially that such a prospect worries, estimates an employee.

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Hey! Arnaud Lagardère, where are you? What are you doing ? Will the group you lead be sacrificed on the altar of restoring your personal financial situation? What pact are you making with the predators who have been making circles over our heads for over a year?, wrote the unions of Europe 1 (CFDT, SNJ, CGT, CFE-CGC, CFTC and FO) in their press release of 1er April. Lucid – or resigned – they added: Your silence for a year gives us the impression of the end of the journey. Just like the stop of investments and the etiolation of management.

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