European Championships 2022 – Swiss triathletes secure bronze in the mixed relay – Sport


The Swiss triathlon team made it onto the podium in the mixed competition at the European Championships in Munich.

The medal round for Switzerland continued on Sunday late afternoon in Munich’s Olympic Park. The quartet of Max Studer, Cathia Schär, Simon Westermann and Julie Derron ensured the third Swiss bronze medal at the European Championships 2022 after rowers Andri Struzina and Jan Schäuble/Raphaël Ahumada.

The triathletes completed the mixed relay course over four times 300 m swimming, 7.2 km cycling and 1.6 km running with the third best time. “We are incredibly satisfied, this is a great conclusion to these European Championships,” said Derron, who was the last to start the race, after the competition. “The team did an excellent job.”

The start of the race went perfectly for Switzerland. Starting runner Studer reached the first handover while in the lead and gave his team an excellent starting position. “All the Swiss who cheered us on today were a great support,” said the 26-year-old in the interview, adding with a smile: “I hope we can meet up for a drink later.”

Schär and Westermann then stayed close to the top and each lost only one position before Derron scooped the medal. The three-time world champion France secured the European title. Silver went to the German team, which had fought a close duel with Switzerland for a long time.

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