European elections: for Renaissance, “everything is before us, everything needs to be built”, insists Clément Beaune

Less than three months before the European elections, the list of Valérie Hayer, Renaissance candidate, is lagging behind, far behind that of Jordan Bardella. According to polls, the presidential party is credited with between 18% and 20% of voting intentions, while the RN is close to 30%. A delay which does not worry Clément Beaune. Guest of Europe 1 weekend morning, the former Minister of Transport and Renaissance MP from Paris considers that the campaign is “beginning”: “everything is in front of us, everything has to be built”.

For the MP, the first objective is to convince the French to go to the polling stations on June 9: “we must mobilize”, insists Clément Beaune. “There are times, I experienced it myself during legislative campaigns a few months ago, where we are left behind, we are not given a good situation and the only remedy for all that is “is the political and democratic fight”. The MP also assures that he will “knock on doors and on the markets” to “convince”. “For five years, we have transformed many things to regulate the Internet, to provide support to our farmers. We must go further. I think that behind the President of the Republic, we are best placed to change Europe, to reform it, to fight against the crises that remain.”

“Behind Raphaël Glucksmann, there is the old Socialist Party”

In addition to Jordan Bardella who has a head start, Raphaël Glucksmann’s PS-Place Publique list is also gaining ground. For the moment, the left alliance is credited with around 10% of voting intentions, with ideas which are sometimes close to those of the Renaissance party, particularly on the question of support for Ukraine. But for Clément Beaune, “there are many texts on which we disagreed in the European Parliament, particularly on tax matters. And behind Raphaël Glucksmann, there is the old Socialist Party. When we look [leur] list, while the challenge is to send as many effective European deputies as possible to Parliament, behind Glucksmann, they are often old currents of socialist apparatchiks”, he judges at the microphone of Europe 1.

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