European elections: “Joining the National Rally list was obvious,” assures Malika Sorel-Sutter

The announcement comes as a surprise. The essayist Malika Sorel-Sutter announced that she was joining the European list of the National Rally, on which she appeared at number 2. A nice victory for the National Rally, whose voting intentions in the next elections flirt with 30% according to several polls.

“The situation is serious”

Invited this Monday morning on the set of La Grande interview Europe 1-CNews, Malika Sorel-Sutter believes that “joining the list of the National Rally was obvious”. But this rallying arouses incomprehension among Les Républicains, Eric Ciotti, denouncing in particular a certain opportunism. “The National Rally is a party that welcomes all French people in heart and spirit,” she replies, asserting that she was hurt by the words of the Republican boss.

“Jordan Bardella embodies this approach,” she continues, assuring that “all those who recognize themselves in this French approach, of heart and mind, are welcome.” “Because the situation is serious. France is falling. We are faced with chaos on all fronts: migratory chaos, security chaos, economic chaos with business closures every day, financial chaos,” he says. She.

Concern about the financial state of the country

“When François Fillon said: ‘I am at the head of a bankrupt state’, we were at 1,200 billion euros in debt, I believe. That was in 2011. Since then, Emmanuel Macron has brought us to 3,300 billion debts. This means that he has restricted the margins of maneuver of French society,” says Malika Sorel-Sutter.

The former supporter of François Fillon during the 2017 presidential campaign is now worried about seeing the French financial rating deteriorate. “How will we be able to borrow again tomorrow when if we are downgraded in terms of financial rating, and this is probably what is likely to happen to us in April, interest rates will increase, the debt or the repayment of the debt will cost more. So this augurs a disaster to come,” she concludes.

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